Michelle Csonka Coaching

Bringing together the Mind, Body and spirit to create the lif eof your dreams

Who is Michelle Csonka?

Michelle Csonka is a certified life coach who is committed to working with people to support them in identifying the blocks, excuses or limiting beliefs that are in the way of creating a powerful life. She utilizes effective transformational tools to create leaders in today's complex world. Throughout Michelle‚Äôs career, she has been recognized and respected for her compassionate leadership, remarkable effectiveness, and commitment to the success of others. 

Michelle is warm-hearted, intuitive, passionate and has an unwavering stand for those she comes in contact with. She has been working with others to support them in transforming their lives to have the life their dreams since 2006. Her warmth and authenticity are clear in every interaction as is her commitment that we be our best and eliminates the excuses and circumstances that get in our way.

Her diverse background includes; being an Accomplishment Coaching certified Life Coach (ICF accredited), teaching in the public schools, degrees in Spanish and International Studies, an M.A. in Caribbean Studies, study of photography, and work as a Kundalini Yoga instructor and energy healer. She is committed to utilizing personal growth, spirituality and leadership development to create leaders, partnerships and build relationships everywhere.